This is the official NoPixel public server's Tebex store.

General Information


Most of our packages are subscription based meaning you have to cancel the subscription in the email you got from Tebex with your purchase.


Prio Boosts

It takes up to 15 minutes for the prio boost to be active. Wait 15 minutes after purchasing your prio boost before you join the queue.

DEV Coin

DEV Coins are redeemable on your character of choice by typing in "/redeem" in-game. Please note that you should only do this on the character you want to receive these DEV Coins. You can exchange these DEV Coins for in-game currency by using the Crypto app on your phone to sell them. The cash is then deposited into your bank account.

Extra character slots

This is a subscription based package. While it is active you'll be granted extra character slots. If you do not renew your subscription, you'll lose access to the characters above the default character slot count, unless you delete the characters occupying the default character slots.